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With its delightful scenery, stunning architecture and striking colours Malta is a Mediterranean jewel. Mixing over 7,000 years of history with a modern, vibrant atmosphere. Malta appeals to almost everyone. From the increasingly varied and exciting nightlife of St. Julians, one of its main tourist resorts, to ancient untouched villages, the gorgeous seascape of Blue Grotto and the bustling, culturally diverse capital, Valletta. With a climate that provides almost year-round sun, Malta has an edge over many of its European rivals.

Malta is regularly described as one large, open-air museum. It almost seamlessly blends its rich, varied past (the majority of which is still evident today) with a plethora of shopping districts, restaurants, nightlife and cinemas. The latter is one of the Maltese people's most popular pursuits, unsurprising given the islands affinity with the film industry.

Capital City = Valletta
Time Zone = GMT + 1
Currency = Euro
Official Languages = Malti/English